How to Prepare for Your Session

Thank you in advance for taking these essential steps to ensure you get the best information possible in your session. 

Once you have scheduled your session, take a few moments to prepare a list of specific questions you would like addressed.

15 to 30 minutes before the session with your prepared questions in mind, sit quietly and meditate on them.Focus your energy and intentionsand ask for clarity on these issues.  

Please note: the ideal situation for your reading is that you are alone in a quiet room. Any distractions or interruptions such as phones, pagers, computers, other people etc make it difficult to connect with your personal energy and guides.  If you are unable to be uniterrupted or in a quiet place, your session may be rescheduled or cancelled.   

I prepare in a similar fashion for your personal session.  I clear my space and sit in meditation for 20-30 minutes prior to your session and begin the process for connecting with your energies.

Please call me promptly at your scheduled appointment time at 970-776-8418.  If you do not call at your scheduled time, your appointment will be cancelled.[PLEASE READ CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICIES] 

At the start of your session, I will share any information received during the preparation and into the reading.  During your session, you may be instructed further on when to ask any remaining questions.  Your session will end at the designated appointment time unless otherwise discussed.

Please don't hesitate to call me with any questions regarding how I work or about the process.

Kim Mowery-Smith 


Kim Mowery-Smith


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