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Ever since I was small, I have loved helping people.  Friends would often seek out my advice and people made many comments that they felt better after we spoke. But, the advice often seemed to come from a place that felt outside myself.  It did not take long into my young adulthood to discover that these were my intuitive gifts of Clairsentiance and Clairaudiance and that the natural abilities could be further developed.

I studied Reiki and Angel Healing and found during these studies that the Archangel Micheal works through me and is a guide and protector for me (which I am in eternal gratitude for).  I was also guided to begin a lifelong personal study of various healing modalaties such as nutrition, Herbology and natural healing, crystals, alternative therapies and so on so that not only would I have the resources to find my own healing path but more importantly so that I had the reference points to help guide others to find theirs. 

During my quest to find more knowledge, I also found art. I had never studied it formally, but began to realize that this was not only an expression of what life experiences I encountered, but also a way to "tap in" on a spiritual level. I enjoyed for the first time understanding that we are whole beings: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional and that we can exist with all of these in balance and harmony.  I received my BFA from Colorado State University and continued to learn more about the concepts of whole being.

 I was guided to seek more information about my own path.  I had been told by many practitioners in the healing arts that I was a light working healer and that should be my focus, but it wasn't until I met Rosemary the Celtic Lady that I truly embraced this calling.  I began studying the teaching of the Ascended Master's as taught by Rosemary, becoming certified by the American & Canadian Associations of Psychics and Healers. I was then able to step out and begin to do the work I am here for.  I will be forever grateful to Rosemary for her guidance and continued support and friendship.

What I have found in my work is that I continue to love to work with people to help them on their journey to better themselves in some way.  I am always amazed at the willingness of the Universe to help us find our way if we allow ourselves to be open to any and all possibilities.  

I am truly blessed to have been born, raised and reside in the beautiful state of Colorado.  I am always in awe of the beauty of the physical world here and it reminds me to be conscious of and connect with our higher beings and purpose.  As a result of being spoiled by my surroundings, I love to be outside: hiking, gardening, more hiking, walking and snowshoeing. We also love to travel, teach and meet friends, new and old, along the way.  

I live in Loveland with my wonderful husband Glenn and our beautiful daughter Sophie, our two cats Sprinkles and Tiberius and our newest addition-our dog, Daisy.  

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.



Kim Mowery-Smith


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