Embrace Change

Wow! We are in some incredibly powerful times that support our forward motion. But, some of us seem hesitant to embrace this motion. What is holding you back? We are able to create things in our lives that satisfy us beyond measure, bring great joy, happiness and fulfillment into our lives. So why are hesitating to move forward with these plans? We fear failure, sure but I would question, when you look back on the failure in your life hasn't most of it seemed to move you in a whole new direction that you might not have thought of before? Did it cause you to learn something about yourself that you might not have otherwise known? I encourage you now to move ahead boldly with your future plans, trust that the Universe will support you and that you will succeed-one way or another. If you are held back by the fear of failure, embrace the opportunity anyway. And if failure of your original plan occurs, don't despair. Move onward and upward from there because who knows-it may even turn out better than you could have ever imagined. Dream and move on!

What Are You Thankful For?

This year has been challenging for many, to say the least. Fires, floods, blizzards and complete devastation left many injured, hurting, homeless, hungry and lost. It seems that it is not possible for many to pull up the proverbial boot straps and go on. How can we feel thankful with so much loss and grief? How can we be grateful without feeling guilt as so many have lost so much? I am reminded of something I heard from Dr. Wayne Dyer and that is that we "cannot feel bad enough" to change what has happened or to make someone else feel better. The indomitable human spirit never ceases to amaze me-how people in such dire circumstances still radiate joy, love and peace; still can move on in the face of adversity with courage and determination. In feeling gratitude for anything, we are able to begin to align ourselves with the greater good and move on in a way that may not be outwardly huge, but inwardly give us some peace. In these times we can find things to be grateful for-no matter how seemingly insignificant-if we chose to do so. We can chose the higher road and find a new path to forge or at the very least find our breath. This Thanksgiving we are all challenged to find some peace and something-anything-to be grateful for, plug in to the greater good and let go of our pain. It is with love, healing and light that I wish you and yours a peaceful Thanksgiving.

Spirituality and Why Should I?

For many, the word Spirituality conjures up the reverent experience of worshiping in a church, temple or other such holy space designated for prayer, meditation, or other means by which to show our faith in a power bigger than ourselves. For others, it is something separate, outside. Something "healy-feely" or weird, wacko or just different with all the incense, crystals and other such accouterments used to achieve a sense of closeness to the higher-self, supreme Spirit, Universe etc...as seen on television. Late night. The common factor or theme that is evident in either case is the desire or pursuit of connecting with something greater. This is truly the essence of spirituality. The need to plug into the power of the divine, the creator, Universal Energy etc. In these moments, where we let go of the control we feel must have over ourselves at every turn, we are free-free from worry, hurt, pain, anger, anguish, the list goes on-to let it all be turned over to an energy form that we trust, believe and know will take these negative feelings from us and help us to be lifted or moved into a more harmonious, joyful and loving space. That is spirituality and is a part of our being that we should not only not deny, but work more diligently to bring to the table more and more often so that our lives can be more harmonious, joyful and loving on a regular basis. What a truly amazing gift to be able, very consciously, to shift our thinking by putting our ego aside and letting our quiet, inner voices guide us to the place of peace. This is the "why I should" place. Most of us crave, long to be part of the greater good; to be whole, happy beings that emanate a sense of well being and we should not because we have to, but because we desire it. Because it feels right and perfect for us, not because it is forced, expected or because we were "guilt-ed" into it. Our spirit being longs for us to find the harmonious balance within. Seek to find it and you will find Spirituality and why it is an integral part of us to nurture. Namaste.

Letting Go

The theme that has been surrounding so many of us lately is the theme of needing, wanting and executing letting go. We can mean this is a very literal physical way such as; letting go of our unwanted clutter, the outdated clothing that no longer fits or even letting go of those extra few pounds we packed on with summer events. But perhaps, even more importantly for our well being, is the esoteric letting go: emotionally and spiritually. We are called on now to let the feelings of hatred, disgust, dismay, anger, bitterness and so on, so that we can truly be free to move forward with love, compassion and joy. These negative feelings we burden ourselves with only serve to weigh us down and appease our ego. They do not serve to push us forth. But they can be good teachers. So as you release your negativity, ask what lessons can be learned from the experience or action that can help move you forward in a positive kind of way. I will share an example. A good friend has recently gone through a bitter divorce. But she surprised me by taking the high road, rather than buying into the anger and the resentment that frankly I thought she was entitled to feel. She told me that rather than go down this bitter angry road, she had learned from her mistake already and would not allow herself to ever be treated this way again, and by not buying in, she is doing just that. She told me she has chosen, quite consciously, to let go of the negativity surrounding it. And while good things are not necessarily happening in the now, she understands that by letting it go, she is making room for the better life she is manifesting now and I believe, without hesitation, that it is coming with a huge abundance of joy, love and peace for herself and her children swiftly, easily and quickly. Think of the things holding you back from your true path of joy. Allow yourself to hold on only long enough to learn what they have to teach you and release them with love and light to the Universe. Let them go. For good. I know from experience that this is one of the most powerful things you can do in your life for yourself-to help you move forward on this journey with love and light in your heart. Namaste

Positive Shifts for Spring

Have you experienced the deep desire to purge lately? I mean really take time and go through all those piles, drawers, closets, rooms etc...and really move things along? This is no coincidence now as we gear up for for warmer, longer days and those full summer schedules. It is also no coincidence energetically and spiritually. Being part of the whole, we each feel at some level the need and the desire for change. Just as the season moves into more light and fun and the weather improves, just as the tiny buds shake off the winter and begin to emerge we begin to need to clear out the winter, too. We are in a time of energetic shifts, ones that are now asking us to plan our moves, reflect on where we have been so that we can create our road maps to our destinations ahead. We are called upon to leave the old behind: bad blood, grudges, regrets, and the like now need to be packed up and released to the Universe with love and light so that as we begin our journey into the brighter days ahead, we do so unburdened by our past negativity and can move freely into the future with purpose, love and lightness of being. It is my hope that your Spring cleaning bring you many positive shifts for the remainder of the year and onward. Namaste

Rise To The Challenge

We all have challenges. It is what makes our character grow. They are the greatest tests in our human experience. Some challenges arise within ourselves; conflicts over weight loss or gain, having to improve some aspect of our health like quitting a bad habit, or simply learning to love the skin we are in. Many other challenges come from others-or seem to at least. We might have a conflict over money, relationship issues (whether with a sibling, parent, partner or friend), control issues-either us attempting to control or us being controlled-issues with coworkers or bosses or the guy at the convenience store. Truthfully this list can go on and on because our lives are filled with these challenges. Even as we start to let the little things not bother us and allow those challenges to fall away, we still choose lessons that we must learn and allow them in. Some of us have chosen to wallow in the self pity, anger, denial, bitterness etc, that come from certain challenges. Some challenges just seem too big to deal with or too scary or hurtful to process. Understandable, but we do have a choice to rise to the challenge and defeat our fear, anger, resentment etc. and not let it ruin us and our experience. It takes work, courage and self-love to rise to these challenges, especially our biggest ones, but the payoff at the end is great. We now possess the courage, bravery, self-respect and honor it requires to rise to our other challenges. Challenges will always arise for us, but it is our choice whether or not to rise to the challenge, learn our lesson and move forward with our experience. Go forward and meet them with peace and love in your open heart. Namaste.

Communication is Key to Successful Relations

It struck me today after receiving a condescending and passive-aggressive email, how essential it is to communicate effectively in order to achieve good results at whatever you are intending to do. I realized after receiving it, I immediately felt attacked personally (yes-I am one of those who unfortunately DO take everything personally) and went on the defensive. I attempted to soften the communication, but ultimately the matter remains unresolved. And now, I still feel badly and the situation is still dangling out there like a baited hook on a fishing line above the water. It really brought to my attention how, if communicated differently, this issue may have been more easily resolved. Adults do not respond well to scolding, but we do love a good challenge and an opportunity to help out-provided it is presented in a way that makes us a hero, not because we feel guilt or shame. We must learn to ask for what we need, or say what needs to be said in a non-narcissistic way, in a way that tells others we own how we feel or offer solutions that engage a discussion rather than pointing fingers at those who have let you down. Owning can be a powerful and effective tool in gaining outcomes that are desired. Here is an example that comes up with regard to relationships: Scenarios of NOT owning it: "UGH! You are such a pig with the socks all over the floor"; "Obviously your mother fell down on the job to raise such a slob" or even "I wish you could be more like your (mom, brother, father sister...) and clean up your things like (they do)". OWNING it sounds more like this: "It really makes me (angry, frustrated, unhappy etc..) to have to pick up the socks on the floor. I would very much appreciate help on that". The difference is owning how you feel about the situation and carefully selecting words that help you achieve the outcome you desire eliminating attack, condescending manners, or passive-aggressive comments. It is not always easy to do this, but do your self and others a favor and give some good communication a go. Remember: You attract more flies with honey than vinegar. Cheers!

Thoughts for 2013

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that it is already 2013-time has a way of just zooming by! I was taking the tree down the other day and reflecting on 2012. In many ways the year ways horrific-mass killing, fear, terror, financial trouble, unemployment...the list felt as though it could go on forever. But I was asked to stop and reflect in another way. What was I grateful for and could we learn from some of these experiences. I began to see my own life this year, while packed with excitement, the experiences gave my family and I a greater foundation of love and trust. We had so much to thankful for over the year as well and learned from many situations. I was then flooded with images that Spirit wanted me to see of a brighter future, a better place because the people living this existence are intolerant-intolerant of the hatred, greed, power, intolerance and disrespect of the human experience. We have seen some examples already of people rising up against these things in their intolerance and instigating change in the world. Does change happen overnight? For many of us with a drive-thru mentality, we expect this. But we have to have patience, understanding and follow through. We must seek to put love out into the world on a daily basis-love for the planet, for each other and for the Creator. Also we must, as Ghandi so simply, but eloquently stated "be the change we wish to see in the world". Many of us were aware that there would be an ending of certain things that coincided with the Mayan calendar reaching it's end. What I understand now is that a shift of energies has occurred that holds more love than ever. We are to choose if we will tap into this energy and share it, or fight it. Those choosing to embrace this energy with their hearts and minds open will be able to move mountains-change things in ways we never thought possible. Will it happen quickly? Not likely as real, lasting change requires patience, endurance and loving care. I invite you to embrace this new energy, to continue to put loving vibrations out to the Universe and those in it and to believe that mountains can indeed be moved. Many Blessings on a bright, prosperous and abundantly loving New Year! Namaste

The Season of Giving…and Receiving

It is such a wonderful time of year! People bustling about in anticipation of gatherings, food, cheer and smiles. And for many it is also a difficult time as they miss their loved ones, long for home, or have seen tough times. For many of us, we feel the spirit to give and to help others in times of hardship and need. What a wonderful moment to be able to reach out a hand across aisles, streets, and borders to do what we can for someone we know or a complete stranger. It fills us up with joy and satisfaction, knowing that maybe, in some small way or big we were able to make a difference. For most of us giving comes easily, and we are thankful to be in a place to be able to do so. But somehow, it is different for many of us on the other end of giving. Some of us feel ashamed to be in need of help, embarrassed or unworthy of kindness. We shy away from compliments, charity or help as though it might somehow be damaging to take. I would challenge you, wherever you are to open your heart to receiving. Be open to the good intention of giving by allowing it in, whether it is a small gesture or compliment or a life changing effort. Once you receive the good intention and revel in that joy of someone giving, then do whatever you can to pay it forward-a small random act of kindness if that is what you have to offer. The circle of giving and receiving is then complete and can generate anew, sending the ripple of positive energy into the ether for all. May you and yours have a wonderful, safe holiday season full of wonder, love and light. Many Blessings

What Are You Grateful For?

I love this time of year; the color, the smells, the food, the gatherings. The anticipation of the turkey coming out of the oven while we enjoy some good laughter. We also often take time to reflect on those less fortunate, alone or grieving, bitter or angry, or missing from our lives. This is a time of year that seems to punctuate all the good-or bad-things in your life. I would challenge each and everyone of you, no matter what side of the coin you are on, to find something to be grateful for. It may only be that you are breathing air today, but that is a wonderful miracle in and of itself. So find even the tiniest bit of joy in it. Revel in all it's glory and send your gratitude out into the Universe. Remember small ripples turn into big waves, so imagine all the good that comes from even one tiny moment of gratitude. Strive to carry that feeling of gratitude for something-anything-into each and every day and watch miracles unfold as the waves of the Universal good wash over all of us. Namaste

Kim Mowery-Smith


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