Endings & Beginnings

Many people are wondering with the upcoming end of the Mayan calendar, what the world can expect. Well, while the Hollywood version is exciting, it is not exactly accurate. I received an email the other day from a brilliant light worker who put into words very beautifully what I know to be what we should all look for. Here is what Mary D'Agostino wrote: "As anyone can easily see there is a lot of change occurring in our world and this year has seen it's share of unrest, violence, natural disasters and more. I do feel that this is a time or an opportunity for our human race to change our perspective, attitude and live differently upon the earth. The change I want is that we become more inclusive, rather than divisive, that we strive to each individually be better people and also that we live true to our gifts, talents and skills and share these with the world. I want more peace, more love, more kindness. For years now I have felt my internal rhythm of peace and harmony, try to connect with an external rhythm, yet try as I might, there did not seem to be a rhythm that resonated with me, or at least not for long....My inner rhythm flourished when I sought inner silence, prayer, mediation, healing work and walking in nature. It was there that I connected to peace. I have noticed that the connection to my own rhythm has become stronger than ever as of late, and while this does, as I say to you, take practice and much patience and much dedication to clearing your inner and outer spaces of anything that does not serve your highest good, and living true to yourself, it is now becoming easier. Keep up the dedication to these practices, and/or start them, AND really, what has changed is that there is now a new rhythm And, this is the most amazing part of what is now palpable and occurring in November of the year 2012. There is a new rhythm, that consists of a a clear channel to a stronger sense of Self, of purpose and focus as well as a clearer pattern of energy around us that is emanating from all the other individuals who also are living in a stronger sense of Self, purpose and focus. And even more amazing is that this new rhythm is also connected to something much deeper, wider and broader. This connection is with the new rhythm that is vibrating from within the core, and from the Heart of the Mother Earth, outwards and upwards, it is the new rhythm that is coming down from the stars, the sun and the moon, the galaxies and many other galaxies. The new rhythm is the heart beat of the Mother earth aligning with our heart beats and the heart beat of the Universe. That is the new rhythm. That is the change I have noted as of late. I am sure there are more glorious changes to come, but for now that is what is occurring in 2012. A new rhythm, connect to it, stay with it, dance to it, sing, do whatever you feel called..." I believe that we can all find our new rhythm as we move forward and look ahead to joining together in peace and harmony. Namaste


In recent weeks, I have been reminded of a wonderful Zen short story that I have included here. It serves to remind us that our perspective on any situation really makes it what it is-bad or good. In many instances for my family we remind each other of this story so things done get blown up so big. For example, my husband was offered a new job that seemed like a dream to us-better pay and working conditions as well as more appreciation. "Good fortune!", we said. I should have remembered the story, for 6 weeks later, he was told the entire project had been scraped, including his job. "What bad luck," our friends and family said. "Maybe," we replied as we remembered not only our story, but also believing in the idea that we were in the middle of manifesting a better life for ourselves. Before we were even done collecting severance, he was offered an even higher paying job with a shorter commute. We will see how that goes. In some instances, I struggle to see the good-like attacks on innocent people where lives are stolen. But, is there good in the heightened awareness that ripples from it, or actions of a community that bond tightly together to support family and friends in any way they can? On a deeper level, is there work to be done by these souls on a higher plane despite the grief those left behind suffer? Maybe. It is truly nearly impossible to see the good of lives lost in any wars, but especially those that should never have been. But is there good in the aftermath of progress, support, holding those you love closer? Maybe. Or is there good that is yet to come, that may not be evident in the now or near future? Maybe. Just something to think about as I continue to send love and light out in to the Universe. MAYBE Once upon the time there was an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. “Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically. “Maybe,” the farmer replied. The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. “How wonderful,” the neighbors exclaimed. “Maybe,” replied the old man. The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune. “Maybe,” answered the farmer. The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son’s leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out. “Maybe,” said the farmer.

All We Need IS LOVE

I read a wonderful blog post today sent to me by Mary D'Agostino at www.sacredlyinspiredliving.blogspot.com and it reminded me of the messages from Spirit that have been coming through for so many, including myself. In essence, we are love. It is what we have been born from and the most powerful thing we can create and receive. It is, at the core, endless and pure and we ALL have the power to tap into it's power at a moments notice. In a time when so many are suffering it is hard to speak to this as if it were so prosaic. But I am reminded of a quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer in The Power of Intention that says in effect that you cannot "feel bad enough" to heal anyone or anything, only love can heal. Loving yourself first, then following by putting love into the world however and whenever we can is the only way to help heal. From a random act of kindness to yourself or someone else to the greatest volunteer efforts, people all over understand how powerful this method of healing is and can only grow larger by the combined efforts of mankind. Love knows no boundaries. It crosses the barriers of location, distance, race, religion, belief, sex, color, class and the list goes on. We must also be open to receiving this love. The more we fill up the well, the more and more we have to give. I challenge you today to put some more love into your life. From even the tiniest of seeds... Namaste

New Site, New Era

Welcome to the updated site for Intuitive Source! I am so pleased to be able to coincide this new launch with my new FB page and the new era we are coming into. 

For many, this time has felt unsettling, difficult, and frustrating.  We are all feeling the blast of energies as the earth shifts and changes and not understanding what is going on or how to deal with it. We are all in need now-more than ever-to connect with Spirit, however you chose.  It is critical that we put our differences and intolerance aside and reach out to our fellow man with an open heart and an open mind. If we put love in our hearts first and foremost, we will be better equipped to open ourselves to learning how to better cope with the changes that we all are under going.  Clear your mind, body and spirit each day of the muck that surrounds you. Reach for the stars, the Universe knows no bounds. Ask for what you desire, open your mind and heart and allow yourself to receive the many gifts that are offered you in whatever form they may come.  


A New Day

Originally posted 26 Apr 2012

From time to time, we are all overwhelmed by things that happen in our lives from the mundane like keeping up the house, raising the kids, work, to the extreme: financial crises, medical emergencies or even a death of a loved one. Some days it feels too much for us to handle so we shut down, shut off, turn in, tune out or whatever we do to climb inside our cocoon of self protection. Some of us wallow and wade through the muck, mulling these things over and over until we cannot think another second, while others of us find a quiet from the solace within. We all handle our stressful life's moments in different ways, carrying the load or burying it. 

Somedays we are so burdened that we struggle just to move ahead through the day. But Spirit wants us to know that we can always count on one blessing-and that is a New Day. Tomorrow. We are asked to give ourselves a fresh perspective with the rising of the sun. It seems to provide hope, even if it is just a glimmer in a shining moment, of a new beginning, a new creation or manifestion of something different for ourselves. So the next time you have one of these heavy days that you feel everwhelmed with, Spirit asks that you give yourself another sunrise to breathe in. You might find the fresh perspective of the New Day just what you need to get things moving on the right track. Namaste

Wanting More

Originally posted 8 Mar 2012

Have you recently spent time wanting more from life? More money, more love, more patience, more time...the list goes on of what many of us want. Coming from this place of lack, however, does not serve us. If we think about the Universe in an All-Having, All-Giving way, the Universe can only give us what we are asking for. But by asking for this and that we imply to the Universe that we have a lack of whatever it is that we are asking for. If we are to manifest these things we are wanting, we must understand the laws of the Universe. Just like knowing that if we drop something from a height it will fall as we trust the Universal Law of Gravity, we must come with a knowing that the Universal Law of Attraction will give us back more of what we put out vibrationally.

The biggest question surrounding this is-if I don't have something that I am wanting, how am I to feel as though I have it? It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to think this way, but simply put the Universe only understands vibration and feeling, not words. So in order to attract something we must think from the end, as though we already have it and feel as if it is already manifested. So in it's simplest form, be grateful for the wealth, prosperity, love, joy etc that you already have and more of it will come. For more reading on this topic, I recommend The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer http://www.drwaynedyer.com/products/, listening to Bob Doyle at http://www.boundlessliving.com, or Mike Dooley at http://www.tut.com. Namaste

Leo Full Moon Spirit Connection

Originally posted 7 Feb 2012

My favorite astrologer-Nancy Ogren-Miller in Fort Collins,CO sent information about the full moon today, February 7th. The most interesting part of the notes that Nancy has made is that Neptune has returned to Pisces. According to Nancy, "The big news is that Neptune moved into Pisces, where it will remain till 2025. This is a very new and different journey. Neptune was here in Pisces for a short time last year, from April to August, and that really awakened so many memories for us of our true alignment to the spirit of the Divine. We haven’t experienced the full effects of Neptune in Pisces since 1847-1861. We know we are moving into a very different and remarkable time. The fact that the Mayans chose this time to ask us to open to a shift in perceptions really has a great deal of support and energy through this sojourn into Pisces by Neptune. We also know there is another side to this experience, and that is the level of illusion, diversion, and avoidance we may also encounter, and that’s understood. However, on a different vibration, what’s being offered us is access to a vibration we will want to expand and experience."

This is incredible news for us in the healing industry, but also for anyone wanting to expand their connection with Spirit. I have been told by Spirit numerous times over the past months that meditation is the direct way of connection and that we need this as much as we need water. Now is the time to meditate and expand and look to fulfill our greatest desires and plans. Namaste

For further information regarding Nancy Miller Ogren or to purchase her annual calendar visit her website at www.nancymillerogren.com

Doing for Others

Originally posted 29 Nov 2011

I have recently been listening to some wonderful things from Dr. Wayne Dyer, and find that I have needed to contemplate some of my own issues. I have found in my contemplation, that I have felt further and further away from Spirit in my daily practice. I connect very easily when I sit down to do a session with someone, and I have wondered what the difference is from the day to day to the practice during a session. What I have determined is that it is much easier to connect to Source when you are giving and doing for others. I have been forced to realize that I give and do very little for myself from day to day and now understand that this is something that is not optional in order for me to have more to give to others. The more I give to others the more I have to give again and again. I encourage each of us to ask Spirit to help us reach out in an act of kindness to our fellow beings and see what rewards sharing a little or a lot can bring. And I would also challenge each of us to remember to include ourselves in that count and give something to us as well.

Many Blessings to you and yours during this wonderful season. Namaste

Manifestation-Grand Design or Both?

Originally posted 11 Nov 2011

Can I Change My Life With Positive Thought? The answer to this question is absolutely YES! The concepts of the power of positive thought and the Universal Law of Attraction are not new concepts, however. They have existed far back in our history. And just like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction exists in the Universe whether we believe in it or not. Without going into a dissertation on Quantum Physics, I believe all things are made of energy and through our intentions, thoughts and most importantly what we picture with our minds, we have the power to change things for ourselves. But my question lies in the process. Is the manifestation of things subject to a bigger plan of grand design?

It seems to me that in my own process, the Universe will provide what I am asking for, but it seems that it comes on it's time, not mine and often not in the way I think it will. For example, my husband and I had a small condominium and we wanted to sell it and purchase a house. We found two homes in the area we were living in at the time that we felt were perfect and set to manifesting our new home. Soon after, we were both laid off from our jobs and found ourselves moving to a new city, our condo still unsold. We rented a house that we thought about purchasing, but with the condo still unsold were unable to do so and ultimately chose to move to a smaller rental. 

 Soon after leaving the first rental, the 2nd floor toilet in that house broke destroying the new tenants things and the first floor. The real estate market also sharply declined during this time, forcing us to severely drop the asking price on the condo. When it finally sold, it was for much less than we had hoped leaving us with little to put down on a new home. 

 A few short weeks later, purely coincidentally, we found our now home (not even close to the areas we had been looking in) , bought it for less than market value with a very low down program in a market that where lenders were not really lending. We knew it was a miracle and that the manifestation process had worked...just not the way we had anticipated.

So I pose this-don't catch yourself up on the how, just trust that if you believe you are taken care of, you will be-just perhaps not in the way you expect it so. Trust the Universe to provide that which you are wanting, don't give up until you have seen it through and don't wear yourself out trying to micro-manage the process. Just know it is happening, just as it should. Namaste

Aimless? Listen with Intention

Originally posted 26 Oct 2011

We all have those times when we feel that we are drifting about in life and moving in a direction that seemingly has no meaning or purpose. We forget that our meaning and purpose are right in our grasp and that we can shift this at any moment by listening with intention. Spirit will always allow us to ask what we are needing to know, but we must be open to hearing the answers. Whether we like the answers or not is another matter entirely. But we can open our hearts, ears and minds to Spirit to gain the guidance we seek. Sit quietly and ask for what it is you are needing. Something-a thought, a vision, feeling etc- will come immediately. If we need clarification, just ask. Sometimes our answers make no sense, at least not at first, but ours is not to question the answers. We need to be open to the suggestions that Spirit offers us and be willing to explore possibilities and options. What typically holds us back is ourselves. We get in our own way by not listening with the intention of an open mind and heart. We get in our own way by letting our ego rule instead of letting go. The next time you need guidance, seek within your own Spirit to see what the answers might be and be thankful for the wisdom of the Universe. Namaste

Kim Mowery-Smith


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