What Are You Thankful For?

This year has been challenging for many, to say the least. Fires, floods, blizzards and complete devastation left many injured, hurting, homeless, hungry and lost. It seems that it is not possible for many to pull up the proverbial boot straps and go on. How can we feel thankful with so much loss and grief? How can we be grateful without feeling guilt as so many have lost so much? I am reminded of something I heard from Dr. Wayne Dyer and that is that we "cannot feel bad enough" to change what has happened or to make someone else feel better. The indomitable human spirit never ceases to amaze me-how people in such dire circumstances still radiate joy, love and peace; still can move on in the face of adversity with courage and determination. In feeling gratitude for anything, we are able to begin to align ourselves with the greater good and move on in a way that may not be outwardly huge, but inwardly give us some peace. In these times we can find things to be grateful for-no matter how seemingly insignificant-if we chose to do so. We can chose the higher road and find a new path to forge or at the very least find our breath. This Thanksgiving we are all challenged to find some peace and something-anything-to be grateful for, plug in to the greater good and let go of our pain. It is with love, healing and light that I wish you and yours a peaceful Thanksgiving.

Kim Mowery-Smith


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