Spirituality and Why Should I?

For many, the word Spirituality conjures up the reverent experience of worshiping in a church, temple or other such holy space designated for prayer, meditation, or other means by which to show our faith in a power bigger than ourselves. For others, it is something separate, outside. Something "healy-feely" or weird, wacko or just different with all the incense, crystals and other such accouterments used to achieve a sense of closeness to the higher-self, supreme Spirit, Universe etc...as seen on television. Late night. The common factor or theme that is evident in either case is the desire or pursuit of connecting with something greater. This is truly the essence of spirituality. The need to plug into the power of the divine, the creator, Universal Energy etc. In these moments, where we let go of the control we feel must have over ourselves at every turn, we are free-free from worry, hurt, pain, anger, anguish, the list goes on-to let it all be turned over to an energy form that we trust, believe and know will take these negative feelings from us and help us to be lifted or moved into a more harmonious, joyful and loving space. That is spirituality and is a part of our being that we should not only not deny, but work more diligently to bring to the table more and more often so that our lives can be more harmonious, joyful and loving on a regular basis. What a truly amazing gift to be able, very consciously, to shift our thinking by putting our ego aside and letting our quiet, inner voices guide us to the place of peace. This is the "why I should" place. Most of us crave, long to be part of the greater good; to be whole, happy beings that emanate a sense of well being and we should not because we have to, but because we desire it. Because it feels right and perfect for us, not because it is forced, expected or because we were "guilt-ed" into it. Our spirit being longs for us to find the harmonious balance within. Seek to find it and you will find Spirituality and why it is an integral part of us to nurture. Namaste.

Kim Mowery-Smith


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