Letting Go

The theme that has been surrounding so many of us lately is the theme of needing, wanting and executing letting go. We can mean this is a very literal physical way such as; letting go of our unwanted clutter, the outdated clothing that no longer fits or even letting go of those extra few pounds we packed on with summer events. But perhaps, even more importantly for our well being, is the esoteric letting go: emotionally and spiritually. We are called on now to let the feelings of hatred, disgust, dismay, anger, bitterness and so on, so that we can truly be free to move forward with love, compassion and joy. These negative feelings we burden ourselves with only serve to weigh us down and appease our ego. They do not serve to push us forth. But they can be good teachers. So as you release your negativity, ask what lessons can be learned from the experience or action that can help move you forward in a positive kind of way. I will share an example. A good friend has recently gone through a bitter divorce. But she surprised me by taking the high road, rather than buying into the anger and the resentment that frankly I thought she was entitled to feel. She told me that rather than go down this bitter angry road, she had learned from her mistake already and would not allow herself to ever be treated this way again, and by not buying in, she is doing just that. She told me she has chosen, quite consciously, to let go of the negativity surrounding it. And while good things are not necessarily happening in the now, she understands that by letting it go, she is making room for the better life she is manifesting now and I believe, without hesitation, that it is coming with a huge abundance of joy, love and peace for herself and her children swiftly, easily and quickly. Think of the things holding you back from your true path of joy. Allow yourself to hold on only long enough to learn what they have to teach you and release them with love and light to the Universe. Let them go. For good. I know from experience that this is one of the most powerful things you can do in your life for yourself-to help you move forward on this journey with love and light in your heart. Namaste

Kim Mowery-Smith


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