Positive Shifts for Spring

Have you experienced the deep desire to purge lately? I mean really take time and go through all those piles, drawers, closets, rooms etc...and really move things along? This is no coincidence now as we gear up for for warmer, longer days and those full summer schedules. It is also no coincidence energetically and spiritually. Being part of the whole, we each feel at some level the need and the desire for change. Just as the season moves into more light and fun and the weather improves, just as the tiny buds shake off the winter and begin to emerge we begin to need to clear out the winter, too. We are in a time of energetic shifts, ones that are now asking us to plan our moves, reflect on where we have been so that we can create our road maps to our destinations ahead. We are called upon to leave the old behind: bad blood, grudges, regrets, and the like now need to be packed up and released to the Universe with love and light so that as we begin our journey into the brighter days ahead, we do so unburdened by our past negativity and can move freely into the future with purpose, love and lightness of being. It is my hope that your Spring cleaning bring you many positive shifts for the remainder of the year and onward. Namaste

Kim Mowery-Smith


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