Rise To The Challenge

We all have challenges. It is what makes our character grow. They are the greatest tests in our human experience. Some challenges arise within ourselves; conflicts over weight loss or gain, having to improve some aspect of our health like quitting a bad habit, or simply learning to love the skin we are in. Many other challenges come from others-or seem to at least. We might have a conflict over money, relationship issues (whether with a sibling, parent, partner or friend), control issues-either us attempting to control or us being controlled-issues with coworkers or bosses or the guy at the convenience store. Truthfully this list can go on and on because our lives are filled with these challenges. Even as we start to let the little things not bother us and allow those challenges to fall away, we still choose lessons that we must learn and allow them in. Some of us have chosen to wallow in the self pity, anger, denial, bitterness etc, that come from certain challenges. Some challenges just seem too big to deal with or too scary or hurtful to process. Understandable, but we do have a choice to rise to the challenge and defeat our fear, anger, resentment etc. and not let it ruin us and our experience. It takes work, courage and self-love to rise to these challenges, especially our biggest ones, but the payoff at the end is great. We now possess the courage, bravery, self-respect and honor it requires to rise to our other challenges. Challenges will always arise for us, but it is our choice whether or not to rise to the challenge, learn our lesson and move forward with our experience. Go forward and meet them with peace and love in your open heart. Namaste.

Kim Mowery-Smith


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