Thoughts for 2013

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that it is already 2013-time has a way of just zooming by! I was taking the tree down the other day and reflecting on 2012. In many ways the year ways horrific-mass killing, fear, terror, financial trouble, unemployment...the list felt as though it could go on forever. But I was asked to stop and reflect in another way. What was I grateful for and could we learn from some of these experiences. I began to see my own life this year, while packed with excitement, the experiences gave my family and I a greater foundation of love and trust. We had so much to thankful for over the year as well and learned from many situations. I was then flooded with images that Spirit wanted me to see of a brighter future, a better place because the people living this existence are intolerant-intolerant of the hatred, greed, power, intolerance and disrespect of the human experience. We have seen some examples already of people rising up against these things in their intolerance and instigating change in the world. Does change happen overnight? For many of us with a drive-thru mentality, we expect this. But we have to have patience, understanding and follow through. We must seek to put love out into the world on a daily basis-love for the planet, for each other and for the Creator. Also we must, as Ghandi so simply, but eloquently stated "be the change we wish to see in the world". Many of us were aware that there would be an ending of certain things that coincided with the Mayan calendar reaching it's end. What I understand now is that a shift of energies has occurred that holds more love than ever. We are to choose if we will tap into this energy and share it, or fight it. Those choosing to embrace this energy with their hearts and minds open will be able to move mountains-change things in ways we never thought possible. Will it happen quickly? Not likely as real, lasting change requires patience, endurance and loving care. I invite you to embrace this new energy, to continue to put loving vibrations out to the Universe and those in it and to believe that mountains can indeed be moved. Many Blessings on a bright, prosperous and abundantly loving New Year! Namaste

Kim Mowery-Smith


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