The Season of Giving…and Receiving

It is such a wonderful time of year! People bustling about in anticipation of gatherings, food, cheer and smiles. And for many it is also a difficult time as they miss their loved ones, long for home, or have seen tough times. For many of us, we feel the spirit to give and to help others in times of hardship and need. What a wonderful moment to be able to reach out a hand across aisles, streets, and borders to do what we can for someone we know or a complete stranger. It fills us up with joy and satisfaction, knowing that maybe, in some small way or big we were able to make a difference. For most of us giving comes easily, and we are thankful to be in a place to be able to do so. But somehow, it is different for many of us on the other end of giving. Some of us feel ashamed to be in need of help, embarrassed or unworthy of kindness. We shy away from compliments, charity or help as though it might somehow be damaging to take. I would challenge you, wherever you are to open your heart to receiving. Be open to the good intention of giving by allowing it in, whether it is a small gesture or compliment or a life changing effort. Once you receive the good intention and revel in that joy of someone giving, then do whatever you can to pay it forward-a small random act of kindness if that is what you have to offer. The circle of giving and receiving is then complete and can generate anew, sending the ripple of positive energy into the ether for all. May you and yours have a wonderful, safe holiday season full of wonder, love and light. Many Blessings

Kim Mowery-Smith


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