All We Need IS LOVE

I read a wonderful blog post today sent to me by Mary D'Agostino at and it reminded me of the messages from Spirit that have been coming through for so many, including myself. In essence, we are love. It is what we have been born from and the most powerful thing we can create and receive. It is, at the core, endless and pure and we ALL have the power to tap into it's power at a moments notice. In a time when so many are suffering it is hard to speak to this as if it were so prosaic. But I am reminded of a quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer in The Power of Intention that says in effect that you cannot "feel bad enough" to heal anyone or anything, only love can heal. Loving yourself first, then following by putting love into the world however and whenever we can is the only way to help heal. From a random act of kindness to yourself or someone else to the greatest volunteer efforts, people all over understand how powerful this method of healing is and can only grow larger by the combined efforts of mankind. Love knows no boundaries. It crosses the barriers of location, distance, race, religion, belief, sex, color, class and the list goes on. We must also be open to receiving this love. The more we fill up the well, the more and more we have to give. I challenge you today to put some more love into your life. From even the tiniest of seeds... Namaste

Kim Mowery-Smith


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