A New Day

Originally posted 26 Apr 2012

From time to time, we are all overwhelmed by things that happen in our lives from the mundane like keeping up the house, raising the kids, work, to the extreme: financial crises, medical emergencies or even a death of a loved one. Some days it feels too much for us to handle so we shut down, shut off, turn in, tune out or whatever we do to climb inside our cocoon of self protection. Some of us wallow and wade through the muck, mulling these things over and over until we cannot think another second, while others of us find a quiet from the solace within. We all handle our stressful life's moments in different ways, carrying the load or burying it. 

Somedays we are so burdened that we struggle just to move ahead through the day. But Spirit wants us to know that we can always count on one blessing-and that is a New Day. Tomorrow. We are asked to give ourselves a fresh perspective with the rising of the sun. It seems to provide hope, even if it is just a glimmer in a shining moment, of a new beginning, a new creation or manifestion of something different for ourselves. So the next time you have one of these heavy days that you feel everwhelmed with, Spirit asks that you give yourself another sunrise to breathe in. You might find the fresh perspective of the New Day just what you need to get things moving on the right track. Namaste

Kim Mowery-Smith


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