Wanting More

Originally posted 8 Mar 2012

Have you recently spent time wanting more from life? More money, more love, more patience, more time...the list goes on of what many of us want. Coming from this place of lack, however, does not serve us. If we think about the Universe in an All-Having, All-Giving way, the Universe can only give us what we are asking for. But by asking for this and that we imply to the Universe that we have a lack of whatever it is that we are asking for. If we are to manifest these things we are wanting, we must understand the laws of the Universe. Just like knowing that if we drop something from a height it will fall as we trust the Universal Law of Gravity, we must come with a knowing that the Universal Law of Attraction will give us back more of what we put out vibrationally.

The biggest question surrounding this is-if I don't have something that I am wanting, how am I to feel as though I have it? It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to think this way, but simply put the Universe only understands vibration and feeling, not words. So in order to attract something we must think from the end, as though we already have it and feel as if it is already manifested. So in it's simplest form, be grateful for the wealth, prosperity, love, joy etc that you already have and more of it will come. For more reading on this topic, I recommend The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer http://www.drwaynedyer.com/products/, listening to Bob Doyle at http://www.boundlessliving.com, or Mike Dooley at http://www.tut.com. Namaste

Kim Mowery-Smith


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