Leo Full Moon Spirit Connection

Originally posted 7 Feb 2012

My favorite astrologer-Nancy Ogren-Miller in Fort Collins,CO sent information about the full moon today, February 7th. The most interesting part of the notes that Nancy has made is that Neptune has returned to Pisces. According to Nancy, "The big news is that Neptune moved into Pisces, where it will remain till 2025. This is a very new and different journey. Neptune was here in Pisces for a short time last year, from April to August, and that really awakened so many memories for us of our true alignment to the spirit of the Divine. We haven’t experienced the full effects of Neptune in Pisces since 1847-1861. We know we are moving into a very different and remarkable time. The fact that the Mayans chose this time to ask us to open to a shift in perceptions really has a great deal of support and energy through this sojourn into Pisces by Neptune. We also know there is another side to this experience, and that is the level of illusion, diversion, and avoidance we may also encounter, and that’s understood. However, on a different vibration, what’s being offered us is access to a vibration we will want to expand and experience."

This is incredible news for us in the healing industry, but also for anyone wanting to expand their connection with Spirit. I have been told by Spirit numerous times over the past months that meditation is the direct way of connection and that we need this as much as we need water. Now is the time to meditate and expand and look to fulfill our greatest desires and plans. Namaste

For further information regarding Nancy Miller Ogren or to purchase her annual calendar visit her website at www.nancymillerogren.com

Kim Mowery-Smith


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