Manifestation-Grand Design or Both?

Originally posted 11 Nov 2011

Can I Change My Life With Positive Thought? The answer to this question is absolutely YES! The concepts of the power of positive thought and the Universal Law of Attraction are not new concepts, however. They have existed far back in our history. And just like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction exists in the Universe whether we believe in it or not. Without going into a dissertation on Quantum Physics, I believe all things are made of energy and through our intentions, thoughts and most importantly what we picture with our minds, we have the power to change things for ourselves. But my question lies in the process. Is the manifestation of things subject to a bigger plan of grand design?

It seems to me that in my own process, the Universe will provide what I am asking for, but it seems that it comes on it's time, not mine and often not in the way I think it will. For example, my husband and I had a small condominium and we wanted to sell it and purchase a house. We found two homes in the area we were living in at the time that we felt were perfect and set to manifesting our new home. Soon after, we were both laid off from our jobs and found ourselves moving to a new city, our condo still unsold. We rented a house that we thought about purchasing, but with the condo still unsold were unable to do so and ultimately chose to move to a smaller rental. 

 Soon after leaving the first rental, the 2nd floor toilet in that house broke destroying the new tenants things and the first floor. The real estate market also sharply declined during this time, forcing us to severely drop the asking price on the condo. When it finally sold, it was for much less than we had hoped leaving us with little to put down on a new home. 

 A few short weeks later, purely coincidentally, we found our now home (not even close to the areas we had been looking in) , bought it for less than market value with a very low down program in a market that where lenders were not really lending. We knew it was a miracle and that the manifestation process had worked...just not the way we had anticipated.

So I pose this-don't catch yourself up on the how, just trust that if you believe you are taken care of, you will be-just perhaps not in the way you expect it so. Trust the Universe to provide that which you are wanting, don't give up until you have seen it through and don't wear yourself out trying to micro-manage the process. Just know it is happening, just as it should. Namaste

Kim Mowery-Smith


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