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an imageKim Mowery-Smith is a gifted Psychic, Intuitive Counselor and Wellness Advisor with the natural ability to help answer your life questions through information revealed to her from her guides and yours and direct from The Source.

Everyone has an area in their life that they would like clarity and direction brought to. Kim's  continuing studies of diverse spiritual counseling, healing practices and training in the areas of Reiki, Hands on Healing and Meditation as well as her own healing path allow her to pass along clear messages to you.

Kim's calling has always been to help people.  Developing her abilities has allowed her to help more and more people in positive, constructive ways.

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  • Life Itself-What is Your Purpose, Your Direction, Life Fulfillment
  • Relationships- Their Meaning, How to Know Which are Beneficial, How to "Let it Happen"
  • Career- Direction and Meaning
  • Health- Self-Healing, Wellness, Nutrition, How to Become a "Whole" Being
  • Financial- How to Bring Abundance and What Abundance Feels and Looks Like
  • Bridge the Spiritual and Physical Gap- Living With Consciousness Daily & Manifesting Your Own Destiny


You impressed me because I did not say a word and you were right on,  on all the most important issues and concerns that I had.  I like how you approached me on the spiritual butt kicking I needed.  I thank you for it. :) K.E.-Canada

I was really struggling with (a situation) in my life and I just didn't know where to turn.  I saw your listing and decided to go ahead and book an appoinment. I can't say how amazed I was at the information that came through for me. After we spoke, I know what I needed to do to move forward and things have really worked out for the best. Thanks so much for helping me work toward my goals. A.F.-CO

Kim Mowery-Smith


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